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Seppo Koho


Secto Design Oy is a Finnish company specializing in wooden designer lamps.

Secto Design lamp shades are handmade from Finnish birch by highly skilled craftsmen.

The designs by interior architect Seppo Koho have a clear and simple Scandinavian feel. The wood provides a soft luminosity for atmosphere and appeal. Secto Design inspires people all over the world, as 75 % of company sales comes from export.


Secto Design Atto 500 Pendant lamp

Atto 5000 Pendant Lamp

Atto 5000 was introduced at the Stockholm Furniture Fair earlier this year, one of interior architect Seppo Koho's latest designs for Finnish lighting company Secto Design. Handmade by skilled craftsmen using Finnish birch, this bulbous slatted pendant lamp's simple shape evokes classic Scandinavian style.

secto 4201 pendant

Secto 4201

Finnish birch becomes slatted shade for Seppo Koho's Secto 4201 pendant. Like V from Arturo Alvarez, this will cast linear shadows and ambient light.