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Scott Amron

b. 1980, New York

electrical engineer, designer, conceptual artist,

and founding principal of Amron Experimental


B.E. Electrical Engineering

Minor in Mechanical Engineering

Stony Brook University

Mechatronic Engineering

Lancaster University, Lancashire, England

Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Med

Stony Brook University


POD Amron Experimental Inc Off Light Switch

OFF Light Switch

Need a(nother) reminder to leave the lights off at home? Try this switch from designer Scott Amron, which doubles as a fully functioning hook. Hang your coat and keep your energy usage on the down low.

Split Ring Key Blank

Designer Scott Amron has successfully streamlined the stuff you stick in your pocket. This combination ring-and-key comes as a blank that can be cut to fit most any lock, then simply slip the rest of your set on the single loop.