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Sanna Annukka

Sanna Annukka has created a series of expressive designs full of meaning, telling stories from the Finnish national epic, the Kalevala. The Kanteleen kutsu fabric depicts forest animals that have, enchanted, gathered to hear the joyful tunes played on the kantele, a plucked string instrument, by Väinämöinen, the main character of the Kalevala. Väinämöinen had made his instrument from the jawbone of a giant pike. The Sampo, a wealth grinding magic mill, is featured in the impressive Taikamylly fabric. The Ihmemaa art print, sold by the repeat, shows the landscape of Kaleva, the Land of Heroes, and Lake Alue, in whose depths a whitefish has swallowed fire fallen from the heavens.



annuka sanna wrapping paper sunbird

Sanna Annuka Wrapping Paper

Carefully wrapping a present in this paper by Sanna Annuka makes whatever treasure you're passing along the gift that keeps on giving. The recipient might be more interested in the packaging than what's inside, and we'd be happy to simply frame these prints on their own and put them straight up on the wall. Check out nineteenseventythree (thanks, DK!) for an amazing collection of pretty perfect paper goods.

taikamylly fabric annukka sanna marimekko

Taikamylly Fabric

Chances are your bedside reading doesn’t include Finland’s national epic, The Kalevala, but that should not preclude you from tucking
in under textiles imprinted with folkloric patterns inspired by the 50-part poem. Sanna Annukka’s new collection for Marimekko includes her rendition of the mythical Sampo.