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Russel Wright

Russel Wright (April 3, 1904 – December 21, 1976) was an American Industrial designer prominent in mid-century modern design. Beginning in the late 1920s through the 1960s, Russel Wright created a succession of artistically distinctive and commercially successful items that helped bring modern design to the general public. He is particularly well known for his colorful dinnerware.

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american modern creamer russel wright bauer pottery

American Modern Creamer

Russel Wright believed in taking the chore out of entertaining, making preparing food, dining, and even cleaning up afterwards all part of an easy-going, social experience. His iconic American Modern dishware became a mid-century signature in homes across America, and the smooth lines of this creamer wouldn't look out of place in a contemporary kitchen today.

American Modern Dishes by Russell Wright for Bauer Pottery made in Los Angeles, California.

American Modern Dishes

A bellwether in America’s shift in taste toward modern design, potter and artist Russel Wright’s 1937 American Modern line of dishes and tableware has all the clean, expressive warmth you’d want on the dining table. And yes, that even goes for the creamer.