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Ron GIlad


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Dear Ingo Chandelier

The Dear Ingo challenges preconceptions about everyday objects. Composed from 16 individual task lamps, the whole creates a dynamic chandelier. The spots can be directed, and the shape of the chandelier can be changed. Created in homage to the famed German lighting designer, Dear Ingo is now part of the permanent collection of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Salt and Pepper No4

Designed by Ron Gilad for Designfenzider's, this salt and pepper shaker–inspired by the mortar and pestle–sits on the line between the abstract and the functional.

under the wire tt ron gilad  0


The removable tray inside a wire frame seems to float within a minimalist cage.

tt3 comp2 low

TT3 Bookcase

The bookcase shelves are composed of Italian walnut and held together by thin metal frames.