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Roger Allen

Constantly enamored by the small shiny objects that usually remain unnoticed in life, I have strived to make the seemingly simple stand out.


nomad system  0

Nomad System

A modular system made from recycled (and recyclable) double-walled cardboard in ten Pantone colors can be arranged into freestanding, temporary partitions without hardware or damage to existing structures.

Jaime Salm Roger Allen MIO led lamp

Trask Lamp

Trask Lamp takes the efficiency of LED lighting and blends it with flexibility. Manufactured to ship flat, maximize material yield and eliminate cutting waste, the Trask Lamp is a truly eco-centric design. Inviting the user to participate as co-designer, the Trask Lamp redefines the relationship between a product and its user. This lamp functions as a catalyst in establishing a dialogue about the virtues and opportunities in locally made and sustainable products.