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Robert McCarter

Robert McCarter is a practicing architect, author, and Professor of Architecture, and he was Director of the School of Architecture from 1991-2001. He has been a licensed architect since 1982, and holds a NCARB Certificate. His own professional firm, D-Mc2 Architecture, P.A., has been engaged to design and oversee construction of diverse project types, including adult health day care centers, corporate offices, horse farm facilities, religious structures, and numerous residential designs, the latter often involving the developer/homebuilder industry.

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Louis I Kahn

When charting architectural development, it generally follows that architects build upon the generation that preceded them—from modernism to postmodernism to deconstruction and so on. Not so for Louis Kahn, who defied categorization by stretching back centuries in search of inspiration. In ancient ruins and great buildings of the past, Kahn found recipes for a different path forward—based not on how buildings looked but rather how they made you feel. This massive tome—now in bicep-friendly paperback—explores Kahn’s epic oeuvre (including rather convincing digital images of his unbuilt work) to prove he was that rare architect who worked for all mankind.