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Rita Botelho

Rita Botelho (Lisbon, Portugal, 1983) has a degree in product Design. She is working as a freelancer on furniture, product, packaging and jewellery design and has been awarded in national and international design contests and exhibited in Lisbon, Edinburgh, Milan and Miami. 
On 2007, she joined the Design Department of FABRICA, the Benetton centre on communication, where worked with an international team of young and talented designers. She is now colaborating with the Japonese company Ricordi & Sfera based in Kyoto. Her products can be found in different shops all over the world.

drop money bank botelho rita

Drop Money Bank

Saving a single penny might seem like a drop in the bucket, but all the loose change that you slip through the crack of this glazed ceramic cache will really count. Fill ’er up and smile when your money plummets—to the floor—as the only way to access your stash is to break the bank.