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Ray Eames

DSS Stacking Side Chair by Charles and Ray Eames

DSS Stacking Side Chair

The supportive back comes up high and tapers toward the top, providing clearance for your elbows—useful if you’re at a computer or pulled up close to a worktable. It’s stackable and ”gangable”—–you can clip several together to create rows.

It’s so popular it’s become ubiquitous—see practically every issue of Dwell.
The recyclable polypropylene plastic may be “eco-friendly,” but it lacks the tactile appeal of the original fiberglass seat, which patinas beautifully. Scour your vintage shops…


Eames Elephant

Charles and Ray Eames designed this elephant in 1945. The complex process required for molding the plywood pieces was prohibitive, however, and the elephant never made it past the prototype stage. Vitra revived the beast in polypropylene, making it durable enough to handle the wilds of the backyard, playroom, or even southern California; Check out this short stop-motion film made by Eames Demetrious, "A Gathering of Elephants," which features the creatures calling to each other and coming together from all over Los Angeles.


Eames Elliptical Table

Introduced in 1951, this table has a wire frame and a top made of veneer, laminate, or baltic birch.