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Ragnheidur Osp Sigurdardottir

I was born in Iceland in 1981. I grew up in a small town by the ocean in the southwest of Iceland. I come from a family of musicians so at age five I started my music career playing the recorder and later the piano and violin. I loved music and still do but my love for unique objects was stronger. I started collecting everything I could get my hands on from napkins to erasers. If I got a piece of candy in nice packaging, I would keep it for years just because it looked nice. All these little things I collected were my jewels and I still have most of them today.

I always knew I wanted to create something but product design first came to mind at a show in Reykjavik ‘99 featuring Mark Newson, Jasper Morisson and Michael Young. I figured I could be creating my own precious objects that would hopefully affect other people in the same way my collections of things affected me.

Birkiland Context Furniture stools

Pippi Stools

Sometimes you just need another place to sit. Whether you're hosting a party or sending someone on a time-out in the corner, this simple spindle stool is just right, and comes apart for flat packing and storage. Birkiland's online shop is dedicated to Icelandic design, showcasing the unique work coming from one of the most breathtaking places on earth.