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Philippe Bestenheider

Philippe Bestenheider portrait

Bestenheider, born in Switzerland, is trained as both an architect and an industrial designer. He has created high-concept, colorful furniture and sculptural lighting pieces for Moroso, Alessi, Agape and Patricia Urquiola, among many others. Some of his better-known collections include Kente, Nanook, and Binta. He currently splits his time between MIlan and Switzerland.



Leros MC Table

Though the Leros coffee table is available au naturel, we prefer the colorful geometric web created by leather laces stretched across the chrome-plated stainless steel frame.

mod world november nanook chair

Nanook Chair

A snowflake-inspired seat for the graphically inclined, the painted-wood Nanook puts a stylistic stop to the whiteout of minimal modernist decor.