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Michael Graves

michael graves portrait

American architect Michael Graves founded his practice in Princeton, New Jersey, in 1964. Since the early 1980s, his work directly influenced the transformation of urban architecture from the abstraction of commercial modernism toward an interest in context. Graves has dubbed himself "a general practitioner," designing not only the interiors for the majority of his projects, but also a wide range of furnishings and products, from furniture and lighting fixtures to jewelry and dinnerware.

Take a look at some of the late architect's greatest hits here.


spinner whistle tea kettle target graves

Spinner Whistle Teakettle

Michael Graves, world-renowned and award winning architect and designer, creates buildings and products that foster well-being and contribute to the quality of life for all of us. This stainless steel tea pot has convenient flip top whistle that spins and a soft touch stay cool handle.

Tea Kettle designed by Michael Graves for Alessi in 1985.

Tea Kettle

Designed by Michael Graves for Alessi in 1985, this water kettle is Alessi's best-selling item.