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Melina Raissnia

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In 1999 Melina received a small felt rug from her husband, Dodd, after he returned from a trip to Iran. Her fascination with it led to a quest to find the people who made them. In 2002, Melina and Dodd Raissnia traveled to Tehran in search of this obscure tradition with no information that would dictate where or how this journey would begin. That is because the felt rug tradition in Iran, though ancient, has remained undocumented and almost unknown by the international textile and rug community. Through this curiosity, Peace Industry was born. Melina was making peace flags and selling them from her tiny art gallery in Point Reyes, California, a coastal village located an hour north of San Francisco. As the business expanded to include the felt rugs, Peace Industry moved next door to a larger location and then relocated to the present space in San Francisco. The name, Peace Industry, stuck.


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Fuller Rug

The difference a rug can make in a room is pretty remarkable: softening hardwood, bringing in a bit of a pattern or color, truly tying things together underfoot. San Francisco-based designer Melina Raissnia uses an ancient Iranian felting technique to create her collection, and her website—and Hayes Valley shop, if you're in the Bay Area—displays a great range of rugs. We're quite fond of Fuller and its nod to Bucky's geodesics.

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Peace Industry Rug

We've got floor coverings on the brain this week, and consistently find ourselves clicking back to admire the work of Melina Raissnia, who owns San Francisco-based Peace Industry with her husband Todd. Their Hayes Valley shop has a beautiful selection of 100% lambswool rugs, handmade using ancient Iranian felting techniques.