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Matti Klenell


Matti Klenell (1972) graduated with an MFA from Konstfack, Stockholm in 1999.
In 2000 he founded the Matti Klenell Studio that today work with various design commissions for a large number of clients. Apart from projects to be serial produced the studio also develops limited edition works as well as public and private art commissions.

Lempi Glass, Matti Klenell, Iittala

Lempi Glass

A casual wine goblet, Lempi has a wide mouth that lets in major air flow. Serious oenophiles might turn up their noses at the thick tinted glass, but we’re tipping our hats to the funky, low-slung silhouette and the blue, lilac, clear, and smoky gray colors.

throw in the dowell design report spectra sofa

Spectra Sofa

Spectra has a wooden frame, with its cushions covered in a solid ash colored material. The sofa comes with 5 loose cushions in different colour