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Matt Singer


For nine years I worked at jack spade creating a wide range of items—bags and accessories, books and stationery, flyswatters and ping pong paddle covers. I left in February of 2009 and began my own line, a small collection of everyday items for men & women.

My line consists of four bag shapes, two shirt styles and an assortment of accessories (belts, bookmarks, coasters, ashtrays, stationery, lighter covers, keyfobs, a pencil case, and a travel-sized backgammon set).

The button-down shirts and sturdy canvas bags draw inspiration from materials that improve with age—two-ply cotton oxford shirting and heavy cotton canvas. These straightforward shapes employ superior natural materials and thoughtful construction.


My label features the nine planets of our solar system with the Sun (as a tetherball) in the center. Leading scientists announced recently that Pluto no longer qualifies as a planet, so technically there should only be eight planets and the Sun, but I have a soft spot for Pluto so it has remained on the label.


Letterpress coasters matt singer

Letterpress Coasters

We have seen hostesses go white when guests put wet glasses straight down on the coffee table. Now, whether or not water stains on varnished wood strike fear in your heart, laying a few of these letterpress palms around the house would no doubt encourage folks to follow the instructions carefully: "PUT IT THERE PAL."