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Marti Guixé


Communicators product alessi

Communicators Bowls

No one likes being the first guest to reach for the hors d’oeuvres, but we know we’re not the only ones eying the mixed nuts and deviled eggs the moment we walk through the front door. Thoughtful hosts can put party patrons at ease to nibble freely by writing a note on the Communicators’ vertical boards. A simple “Eat Me” will do.

plant me pets marti

Plant-Me Pets

For anyone living alone or just feeling lonely, these friendly extraterrestrials are companionable without the hassle of having to give them food, water, or attention. When you find yourself a mate or roommate—or simply tire of your rubber friends—just turn them upside down in a pot and cover their heads with soil. Their bodies will decompose and, in their place, tasty edibles will grow.