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Maria Dahlgren

The career of Swedish Designer, Maria Holmer Dahlgren, began at the internationally-renowned Swedish stationary company, Ordning & Reda. Maria co-founded Ordning & Reda and designed for them for 18 years. Other achievements include being commissioned to design the interior graphics for Stockholm's stylish boutique hotel "Rival," owned by ABBA's Benny Andersson.

Maria now has her own thriving design company, Metagram. She designs a variety of contemporary trays and other pieces aimed at the high-end tourist market, and currently sells them in places such as Stockholm's "Moderna Museet" gallery.

Of her work, Maria says...

"...There’s beautiful art all around us, if we just open our eyes to it."

host tray dahlgren maria

Breakfast in Bed Tray

This colorful tray can be put to work immediately, transporting tasty treats to and fro.

dahlgren maria happy thoughts tray

Happy Thoughts Big Mini Tray

It's about that time, kids. Tonight before you hit the sack, please don't forget to set out those cookies and a small glass of milk for Santa. We cannot guarantee, however, if you leave them on something as jolly as Happy Thoughts by Maria Dahlgren, that St. Nick won't tuck the tray into his sack to take back home to the North Pole.

dahlgren maria london tray

London Tray

Our love for London knows no bounds, and we'll be drawn to pretty much anything and everything that references the sprawling city. Maria Dahlgren is a Swedish graphic designer, but captures the bright spirit of ol' Blighty in this tray made from Scandinavian birch. Put the kettle on and bring a cuppa tea and a biscuit to someone you adore.

Stockholm tray serving tray

Stockholm Tray

Take an around-the-world adventure with Maria Dahlgren's trays, which feature icons of the cities on which they focus. The collection includes trays celebrating Stockholm, Helsinki, and London.