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Mara Skujeniece

Led by Mara Skujeniece, Studio Skujeniece designs furniture and interior products.

Central to Mara’s work which takes much of its inspiration from her Latvian origins, is the tactility of material, honesty in expression and a well thought-out process. Among other projects, the studio was commissioned to design the tableware for de Bakkerswinkel bakery/cafes in Amsterdam and a Moroccan ceramic collection ‘Made in Fez’ for Butterfly Works, Amsterdam.

Mara Skujeniece is also currently a teacher at Design Academy Eindhoven.


Rocks Sugar Container

Dutch designer Mara Skujeniece gives this ceramic sugar cube container the rock candy treatment in her Amsterdam workshop. The faceted matte porcelain, which looks like a crystal on classic confectionary, is glazed on the inside an ideal spot to store the sweetness for your morning cup of coffee.