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Kurt Dexel


Kurt Dexel builds beautiful, clean, and modern crafted furniture. His work is a reflection of his background in engineering, an affinity for modern aesthetics, and his dedication – as a self-taught craftsman – to the art of woodworking.

Fascinated by how things are built, Kurt was the little boy lying under the living room table trying to figure out how it was made. In the early stages of his career Kurt’s work focused on the creation of antique replicas. As his skills improved, he began to explore concepts and designs based on a more modern aesthetic. His technical skills, combined with his innate sense of design, allowed him to explore progressive ideas that introduced old-world detail and joinery to otherwise contemporary design concepts.

Today his furniture is characterized by clean and simple lines that upon closer inspection, reveal tremendous precision and innovative joinery - pieces that celebrate the traditional and the conceptual. Modern crafted furniture that is original, artistic, and functional.


POD ICFF Dexel angled end tables1

Angled End Tables

There were quite a few beautifully crafted wood pieces at ICFF this year, and we loved the look of these angled end tables from Canadian designer Kurt Dexel. Constructed from white oak and wenge veneer with a satin lacquer finish, they are most certainly a striking twosome.

dexel crafted kurt boomerang love

Boomerang Love

Canadian design Kurt Dexel handcrafts each of his furniture commissions, customizing size and style to suit each client's needs. The Boomerang Love seat manages to capture dynamic and inviting at once, and would fit in just right with a mid-century aesthetic or pull together a more eclectic mix of home decor.