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Kristian Vedel

kristian vedel portrait

Kristian Solmer Vedel (1923-2003) was a Danish industrial designer that began his career apprenticing as a cabinetmaker and then later as a furniture designer at the School of Decorative Art in Copenhagen. A student of Kaare Klint, Vedel was a pioneer in the use of melamine plastic. He is well known for his designs for children, including his wooden Danish Bird sculptures and his beech-plywood Child's Chair (1957).


Vedel childrens furniture

Vedel Child's Chair

Vedel is often credited as being one of the very first designers to take furniture for children seriously. This piece, designed in 1957 and constructed of beech plywood, features slats on either side of its curved form, enabling the user to select the seat height as well as accommodate the added weight of a growing child. Simple tension keeps the seat in place, and the chair itself is meant to be used as a table, a high chair, or a stool. It won the silver medal at La Triennale di Milano in 1957.