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Knud Holscher



Knud Holscher Design create products,
graphics and strategies in respectful
cooperation with our clients.

Our starting point is to get to know our
clientwell, to figure out how we - with
our individual benchmarks in view - can
buildup a product scenery, that will
create amutual beneficial partnership.

The Knud Holscher Design team is a group
of innovative people with architectural

Over the years, our assignments have
been varied from large scale architecture
to tiny details in product design. This has
given us solid experience within a wide
variety of competences.

Our goal is to create products, that
respectfully correspond with both the
nearest surroundings, the end consumer
and our environment.

Our coorperation with Danish, and inter-
national clients have over the past 35
years led to a number of commercially
successful products, that are frequently

holscher knud scanwood desk set

Maple Desk Accessories

If we've said it once, we've said it a thousand times: Our desk is a mess. Truly. It can be tough to keep everything in order, but there's something about having a specific spot for specific things—tape, paperclips, pens, post-its, and papers—that would make the pile-up infinitely more manageable. These maple accessories are simple, sturdy, and just about perfect to take on the task of managing our disorder.