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Kiersten Hathcock

From Kiersten: I am an ex-TV network marketing executive turned work-at-home mom turned self-taught furniture designer/builder. After leaving the corporate world in 2003 to spend more time with my kids (then 1 and 5), I rekindled a passion for woodworking during those rare moments when I had a minute to myself. I've always been inspired by my father, a self-taught carpenter and woodworker, who built most of our furniture when I was growing up in Ohio. Thirty-some years later, I have my own garage workshop where I design and produce modern/mid-century style kids' furniture. I am armed with a design eye, ten years of motherhood experience, a love for the smell of cut wood!

My pieces are inspired by the mid-century style and my own kids' wants and needs. I use eco- friendly birch plywood, non-toxic paints, water-based stains and low-voc, water-based finishes.


Riley Page Storage Box

There's no reason why toys should get all the glory, when their storage box can be just as cool. Mod mom Kiersten Hathcock makes made-to-order furniture to accommodate kids—and parents—with a keen sense of style; Riley Page is made from Russian Baltic Birch, and the pattern on top can be customized to your home decor, simply send along your preferred prints and she'll decoupage them onto the petals.