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Karl Zahn


Karl Zahn is a freelance product designer living in Brooklyn NY. He created the website as a platform to display his products and explorations in their own venue. All of the products are the work of Karl Zahn, however not all of them are in production. If you are interested in contacting the designer regarding production he would be more than happy to speak with you.


zahn wood toy beech

Dovetail Alligator

Karl Zahn added a playful alligator to his line of toys made from sustainably harvested new growth beech wood. The tripartite puzzle-like design is held together with dovetails—baby's first lesson in joinery.

zahn karl areaware polar bear animal box

Polar Bear Animal Box

The space within this beech wood bear is limited, so you'll have to be choosy on what you decide to stick inside. Our vote is for a little note that will delight the heck out of anyone who happens to open it up, like a little message in a bottle; We can still remember finding a small box on a shelf at our grandmother's house when we were little, heart racing when we saw there was a folded slip of paper inside. A secret! We took it out, flattened the creases and read, in her flowery hand: "Don't be so nosy!"