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Kaj Franck

designer kaj franck

Kaj Franck was a Finnish designer of glass and tableware. Though he also worked as an educator, his 1953 Kilta line of tableware for Arabia became a massive international hit. Franck is known as an icon of Finnish design, in his removal of excess in his designs, focusing only on the essential elements. Franck has earned numerous awards and prizes, and his work is featured in various design museums. Franck's most famous objects include the Teema tableware collection and Kartio line of glassware, both produced by Iittala.


lounge chair kaj franck artek

Lounge Chair

Lie back, relax, and tell us about your mother. Innovative bent-wood, L-leg construction ensures this lounge chair’s longevity, so generations to come can reflect on the simplicity of good design.

ebay kaj frank mushroom bowl

Mushroom Bowl by Kaj Franck

One of Finland's most masterful 20th century industrial designers, Kaj Franck, created work that, like Finns themselves, is generally practical and unpretentious. This simple enamel bowl comes to life with a cute mushroom design—and if you've spent any time in Finland, you know how much they like their mushrooms.