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Josh Jakus

Josh Jakus is a Berkeley, California–based designer dedicated to making experiential connections between form and function. When people use one of Josh’s products, they naturally encounter the way it was conceived and developed. Achieving such connections requires a strict material sensibility — using materials in their simplest form so intrinsic qualities show through — and a rigorous design efficiency that strives to get the most impact out of the fewest moves.


Avva Breadbasket by Josh Jakus for Teroforma

Avva Breadbasket

This lovely felt breadbasket keeps dinner rolls toasty warm and make them easy to pass. It opens like an envelope so you can grab one as it makes its way around the table, and later, it'll fold flat for easy storage.

Avva Felt Breadbasket

Avva Felt Breadbasket

Avva’s answer to the “bigger than a breadbasket?” query depends on when you’re asking. The colorful 100-percent wool felt container arrives flat-packed, but come dinnertime, its corners fold up and slot into place for carrying your loaves to the table.

jakus josh floppy basket

Floppy Basket

Sometimes finding just the right product you never knew you were looking for is simply a matter of receiving a hot tip from a pal. Our associate editor Miyoko was so jazzed about buying one of these floppy magazine and mail baskets for herself that we couldn't help but wonder whether the flat-packed felt container would be perfect for our little apartment as well. The verdict? You bet it is.