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Jorre van Ast

Jorre van Ast finished the 'Product Design'™ course at the Royal College of Art in London in 2006. After graduating he started working as independent designers from his studio in London, focusing on (interior) Products Design. For his work he received several awards, of which 'best overall entry'™ at Interieur 2006.


jorre van ast royal vkb dish drainer geo

Dish Drainer Geo

Tackle your (small) mountain of dirty dishes, then put the clean pile on this topographic drainer to dry. The slight shift in elevation will allow your dinnerware to air out, and it's just the right fit for a bachelor/ette pad with minimal washing up.

Royal VKB Jorre van Ast Jar tops

Jar Tops

Repurpose your used glass jars into a brand new set of functional kitchen containers. Each set of tops comes with five different types—sugar, milk, chocolate/flour sprinkling, oil/vinegar and water—that will screw right on to nearly all standard jars. Your new storage solutions should help you make it through this potlucking, cookie-baking, party-hosting season in style, with ease. Available in the US at the brilliant A + R Store