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Jaime Hayón

jaime hayon portrait

Spanish designer Jaime Hayón (born 1974) is a master of materials. Born in Madrid, he grew up with skateboard culture and graffiti art and studied industrial design before joining, in 1997, the Benetton-funded design and communication academy Fabrica, which he later led as design director. Since then, he has created copper and ceramic vases for Gaia and Gino; crystal-laden pendants for Swarovski; an upholstery, aluminum, metal, and wood chair for Established and Sons; and even shoes and interiors for Camper. In 2009, he took on London’s Trafalgar Square to create a giant chessboard with enormous ceramic pieces for the annual design festival. The sky is clearly his limits.


that 70 show design report favn sofa

Favn Sofa

Spanish designer Jaime Hayón set out to create a sofa for Denmark's Fritz Hansen that was was visually arresting in the round, not just from one angle. He succeeded in his aesthetic endeavor, but we think that this plush design is best experienced as something you curl up into rather than simply cast your eyes upon.