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Jade Barnes-Richardson

A recent graduate of 2008, Jade Barnes-Richardson graduated from Bucks New University with a BA (Hons) in Contemporary Furniture and Related Product Design providing her with the stepping stone to launch her as one of the new and up and coming designers of contemporary design today.

Inspired by the concept of small space living, Jade Barnes-Richardson designs are designed with the intention to simplify modern life. Her particular interest are in designs that work to increase space and de-clutter interiors, through designs that are compact and multifunctional and are aimed to improve the way we interact with furniture and the space around us.

Jade Barnes-Richardson's most popular design to immerge sees a bunch of specifically designed hangers welded together in order to create a wall coat rack simply titled 'Hangers'. The design is available in various colours and has a floor coat stand to complete the range.  

Since graduation, Jade Barnes-Richardson has been lucky enough to have exhibited in various exhibitions including New Designers Selection, an exhibition which shortlists the Top 50 new designers from the New Designers Exhibition. Jade's work is appealing to a wide audience and was also featured as part of London's Fashion Week ON|OFF Event 2008.


Hang On by Jade Barnes-Richardson for Normann Copenhagen

Hang On

Wall hooks are generally used to clear visual clutter, but this clever play on our disorderly closets is quite charming. Mommie Dearest said, “No wire hangers, ever!” but we have to disagree. With edges and corners galore, this vertical pile is a perfect catchall.

This messy mass would not do much for a neatnik’s peace of mind. It’s not the most sophisticated structure and might be most appropriate in the kids’ room rather than the entryway.