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Ina Koenig

We would like to introduce UNLEADED.


Ina Koenig + Anthony Cleary, the team behind UNLEADED, design and manufacture lighting and 3D products with a focus on innovation, quality and functionality. Combining many years of practical experience with award winning design talent we develop and produce outstanding commercial and domestic design solutions. As a young, innovative design company we provide consultancy, project management and flexible product solutions from one-off pieces to larger scale batch production


POD Unleaded Koenig Cleary Hang up

Hang-Up Light

It may look like the right spot to stow your coat, but this light is only meant to evoke a hanger's shape, not its function. The brushed stainless steel and chrome structure and low watt, naked bulb will cast simple shadows as crisp as a freshly-pressed button-down. Email Ina and Anthony directly via their site for shipping options to the US.