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Herbert Krenchel

herbert krenchel portrait

Herbert Krenchel graduated with a Master of Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark. Herbert Krenchel’s research was focused on materials and fiber reinforcement. Since the 1950’s, Herbert Krenchel has worked simultaneously with his research and design. The enameled Krenit bowl won the gold medal at the 1954 Milan Triennale.

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Krenit Bowl

When the enameled steel Krenit bowl was first released in the 1950s, its designer Herbert Krenchel said, “The idea was to make a beautiful bowl, preferably so functional and delicate that it was equally suited for use in the kitchen, on the dining table and as a decoration in the sitting room.” Production ceased in 1966, but Normann Copenhagen recently reissued the versatile design in white, black, turquoise, purple, green, and red.