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Harry Allen

Harry Allen is the founder and president of Harry Allen Design. Born in New Jersey in 1964, Harry Allen received an undergraduate degree from Alfred University before moving to New York City and earning a Masters in Industrial Design from Pratt Institute. In 1993, he established Harry Allen Design, and the same year produced a line of furniture called Living Systems, which showcased at ICFF. Since then, he has designed furniture, lighting, products and interiors for a wide variety of international clients.


My Brother s Mirror Harry Allen Rep Feb08

My Brother’s Mirror

A frame found in the designer's brother's closet that he liked so much he decided to cast it in resin and share it with the world.

allen harry areaware peanut bowl

Peanut Bowl

Consider it a cheeky take on the olde form-follows-function edict. Harry Allen's Peanut Bowl is, well, a bowl for peanuts that looks like a bowl made out of peanuts. Put it in the living room during a party and you're absolutely guaranteed a group of delighted guests. Heck, put some cashews or almonds in there and confound the heck out of everyone.