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Dining Table

Dining tables serve a pretty fundamental function—–a place to consume our peas and carrots. But what if the meat and potatoes of your table occur beneath the flat surface? The latest from Hansen Family offers functional intrigue in the form of a pair of colorful compartments hidden under two solid oak panels—–which themselves are backed with slate—–allowing you a spot to stash your salt and pepper and rest your hot pots on.

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Given that modern, streamlined travel itineraries generally call for similarly simplified (and smaller) baggage, it would seem the very idea of the classic steamer trunk sank with the Titanic. Leave it to our revivalist age to bring back the hinged classic, albeit with a twist. This fresh take is solid oak, with a playful set of tree branches on which to perch your scarves and jewels, and multicolored drawers and dividers to remind us that it’s 2010.