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Frederik Roijé

frederik roije portrait

Frederik Roijé was born on June 14, 1978, in the eastern part of the Netherlands. He graduated in 2001 from the renowned Design Academy in Eindhoven. Here his preference to interior products was already visible. During his studies Frederik did his internships at prestigious design studios such as Piero Lissoni in Milan, and Marcel Wanders in Amsterdam.


modern wall shelf storage solutions

Storylines Shelf

Though it’s dubbed Storylines, when this shelf is loaded up with books you’re as apt to get a skyline hovering on your wall. The shelf’s hefty steel makes it the bruiser of our group, and its geometric form lets it double as a very useful piece of wall art.


The Storylines is deceptively heavy, so you’ll want to get all three required screws into studs, if possible. Woe unto those who use this shelf for cookbooks.

The widest slot is just two and a quarter inches, making this the most prescriptive shelf we’ve reviewed, and bad news for those with the Harry Potter box set.