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Francois Robert

François Robert is much like his work: an intriguing subject with a definite, if somewhat understated, humorous twist. The self-taught, photographer from Switzerland is known for his unique, whimsical point-of-view on everyday objects. His ability to see a soul in everything encourages us to look at the world in a new way.

Robert started out as a graphic designer in Switzerland and experimented with photography in his spare time. He received his first big break as a photographer when he was asked to shoot images of an energy-efficient cubicle for Herman Miller. Since then, he's worked for some of the most recognized companies in the world, Coca-Cola, BP, Crate & Barrel among them.

Today, with his years as a graphic designer behind him, Robert leads an independent lifestyle. He sets his own schedule and only pursues projects that make him happy. The recent collaboration with his brother, Jean Robert, is one such project. The book, "Faces", captures the human aspects of everyday objects.


flor find a face rug main

Find a Face Rug

This fun rug featuring the work of photographer Francois Robert will no doubt keep a kid busy taking a closer look at the faces that emerge from doorknobs and other everyday objects. FLOR's modular carpet tile system allows you to customize each piece to your space by combining both playful six-tiled versions, or change the shape by adding complementary solid shades.