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Eric Pfeiffer

Eric Pfeiffer served as the VP of Design at Offi from 2000 through 2004, coordinating product design and directing the Offi innovation process. During his prolific tenure at Offi, he designed most of the products that were introduced and was credited with several design awards, including the 2003 ID Magazine award for the Offi Perch Lounge. Also while at Offi, Eric co-authored a book called "Bent Ply: the Art of Plywood Furniture", which features the step-by-step making of the Offi Wave Desk. We miss his day-to-day contact, but given his understanding of the Offi innovation process, you will continue to see many more Offi products "designed by Eric Pfeiffer."

In January 2005 Eric started his new design studio "Pfeiffer Lab" with the goal of exploring the "the design of everyday objects in our lives." Pfeiffer Lab relies on Eric's penchant for simplicity of form to create useful and elegant solutions for everyday living. His reductive designs are expressed in timeless forms that recognize a product's usefulness and necessity while exhibiting the beauty and honesty of a products material.


Racer Rocker by Eric Pfeiffer for Loll made in Duluth, Minnesota.

Racer Rocker

Made using 288 recycled plastic milk jugs, the Racer rocker zips down the fast lane of sustainable design. Reuse is a big part of Loll’s production ethos: All its products are made at the Hawks Boots Sustainable Manufacturing Facility, which for nearly 80 years prior to Loll’s purchase was a concrete plant that made culverts, burial vaults, pilings, and the like.

Racer Sidecar Table1

Racer Sidecar Table

Would you believe this sleek side table started out as a pile of milk jugs? Postconsumer, industrial high-density polyethylene looks so much better when it's holding your lemonade, not holed up in a landfill.

Rhombins desk organizer

Rhombins Organizer

Keep desktop clutter under control with these modular organizers manufactured in Petaluma, California. This compartmentalized vessel can serve as a makeshift pot while also holding writing implements in its other half.

Slot Table by Eric Pfeiffer for AMAC

Slot Table

An acrylic table with a handy slot for magazines can be used straight up or tipped on it's side. 

bless this desk dwell reports trundle desk

Trundle Desk

Pros: The 15-inch trundle drawer slides forward to nearly double your workspace­. When you’re done working, a gentle shove makes your mess disappear. There’s also a small compartment in the back for stashing cords. It’s made in the USA­—to our surprise, the only domestically produced desk in our roundup (even the Herman Miller piece sported a Made in China sticker).
Cons: We’re not opposed to exposed hardware in principle, but we do wish the inelegant metal drawer gliders were hidden with wooden end caps. Another sticking point: The drawer jams unless you push from the center. 


magazine rack

W Magazine Stand

Simultaneously sculptural and pragmatic, the undulating form of the W’s molded plywood is both pleasing and useful. It’s compact enough for small spaces, though you may be loath to cover up the figurative grain pattern of the walnut with your magazines.

utility collective whale organizer

Wood Whale

Organizational accessories are on our collective brains these days, perhaps due to the fact that our desks look more like the aftermath of an F5 tornado than workstations. Enter the Wood Whale, a clever pencil/letter/phone holder handcrafted in Michigan from reclaimed timbers.