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Donna Wilson

Donna Wilson is a Scottish-born designer who works from a London studio. Wilson began her career in 2003 when she presented hand-knitted creatures in her final show at the Royal College of Art. After selling out of her unique assortment, Wilson went on to design and create a comprehensive collection of whimsical items, from blankets and pillows to scarves and socks. In 2010 she won the Designer of the Year award for Elle Decoration’s British Design Awards.


wilson donna egg cups

Donna Wilson Egg Cups

Weekday mornings might be rushed, but come Saturday and Sunday there's nothing better than sitting around in sweatpants, reading the paper, and enjoying a leisurely breakfast. If soft boiled eggs are your speciality, place your perfectly yolky fare in these hand-made, hand-printed bone china cups from Scottish designer Donna Wilson. Her delicate and infectously offbeat drawings bring a bit of fun to brunch, and would look nice on the counter come Tuesday when there's no time to indulge.

Eadie Donna Wilson SCP lounge chair  crop

Eadie Armchair

We are, without a doubt, big fans of the work of Scottish-born, London-based Donna Wilson. She made her name in textiles, but has proved to be a whiz with furniture, too; Her collaboration with British brand SCP includes the

Mabel sofa

and her fantastic family of

Frank, Henry, and Ernest pouffes

and now Eadie, an armchair upholstered in Wilson's Nos Da fabric.


ernest zig zap pouffe

Ernest Zig Zag Pouffe

Donna Wilson does textiles like no other designer out there today. Ernest is one of a pouffe trio—Frank and Henry complete the threesome—that showcase the Scottish lass's take on a rotund wooly jumper.

wilson donna for scp frank henry and ernest pouffes

Frank, Henry, and Ernest Pouffes

No need for dull introductions. These playful pouffes by Scottish textile maven Donna Wilson have more personality than any old Tom, Dick, or Harry, and they’ll be more than pleased to make your (rear end’s) acquaintance.

donna wilson hofdi blanket

Hofdi Mini Blanket

The blustery winter weather we've been experiencing has us itching for cozy knits to help keep us warm. Made from 100 percent lambswool, this Icelandic-patterned mini blanket by Scottish design maven Donna Wilson is just what the season ordered.

house blanket

House Blanket

Donna Wilson has a playful, universally good-humored approach to design (and the fandom of a certain associate editor). Her House Blanket typifies this fun-loving, anything-goes attitude. There’s no assembly required and the House Blanket is always ready to transform the nearest piece of furniture into a fictional and very, very cozy fort.

While it may ratchet up the cost even further, we wish the House Blanket were larger—it barely covers up the two chairs put underneath it, leaving hardly any room to play. Ultimately, this is just a rectangular blanket with a houselike pattern on it. It could use more inventiveness—perhaps a unique, more architectural shape that could drape in interesting ways, or cutouts and characters to take it to the next level.


Wilson Donna Leaf Motif pillow

Leaf Motif Pillow

You've got a long day of big eating ahead of you, and resting up is a good idea (we highly recommend lounging both before and after turkey time). This lambswool pillow from Scottish textile designer extraordinaire Donna Wilson is a perfect fall addition to your sofa, a bright place to lay your head and dream of second helpings.

Mabel by Donna Wilson for <a href="">SCP</a>

Mabel Sofa

Statement sofas needn't be staid models of straight lines and solid colors. Mabel—contructed from Eurpoean hardwood and upholstered in a linen exclusively designed by Donna Wilson for British brand SCP—brings a bit of fun to the living room, and we'd very happily lounge on this bright settee.

Donna Wilson Make Your Own Monster Kit

Make Your Own Monster Kit

Scottish textile designer extraordinaire Donna Wilson does some pretty wonderful things with wool. Her site has a selection of blankets and little plush toys, along with this great Make Your Own Monster kit, which features a creature form, stuffing, and sew-on accessories.

POD Rainy Day Mini Blanket Wilson Donna

Rainy Day Mini Blanket

A grey weekend with a chill in the air left us longing for a cozy blanket to cuddle under. We are, as ever, quite taken with Donna Wilson's designs and this 100% lambswool fits the bill to keep us nice and toasty. She's got a knack for patterns, so check out her site for cushions, tea towels, scarves, and plush things to make your heart go pitter patter like an unexpected shower storm.

Wooly Wood Large Throw

Oooohweee, are we still full. It's all we can do to move from bed to sofa—grabbing a little turkey sandwich along the way, natch—and though we're still in pajamas, it seems somehow silly to bring our duvet to the living room with us. We've been eyeing this Wooly Wood blanket from Donna Wilson for ages and wish we were snuggled up beneath it now, as it would certainly add some style to what is quite a casual (i.e. lazy) afternoon.