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Brendan Ravenhill

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During childhood years in Cote d’Ivoire and summers in coastal Maine, Brendan Ravenhill fell in love with the functional beauty of working tools and wooden boats. His father curated a show called the Art of the Personal Object at the Smithsonian when he was a kid. Brendan received a Sculpture degree from Oberlin College in 2001 and a Masters in Industrial Design from RISD in 2009. He loves taking tours of factories and the smell of cedar shavings.


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Deck Chair

When the weather turns warm, it's time to open up the deck or patio for parties and afternoons in the sun. What better way to welcome the spring than with these comfortable and classic deck chairs by Brendan Ravenhill with Loll? We love the color options, but perhaps best of all: The wide arm rests that are just the right height for lounging or resting a beverage or book. Beneath the right arm is a convenient stainless steel bottle opener. We like the way you think Brendan Ravenhill.