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Botond Bognar

Scholar of the history and theories of contemporary Japanese architecture and urbanism with a long list of publications, lectures, and other activities on his record; currently working on two books and several chapters to books, including: The “Bubble” and Beyond: Japanese Architecture in the Age of Economic and Social Upheavals. London: Phaidon Press (estimated publication: 05/2007); and Modern Architectures in History: JAPAN. London: Reaktion Books Ltd. (estimated publication: 11/2008)


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Beyond the Bubble: The New Japanese Architecture

It’s well documented that Japan replaces its building stock at an astonishing rate—the average life of a house is a mere 25 years. With that in mind, this attractive book examines modern Japanese architecture with an eye firmly focused on how the booming post-modernism of the 1980s—and its ultimate demise in the ’90s—set the stage for the more small-scale, economically minded, creative, and sustainable projects that exist today.