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Arik Levy

Arik Levy’s designs have been produced by a variety of big names—e15, Zanotta, Council, Living Divani, and Bernhardt Design, to name a few—but the Paris-based, Israeli-born designer is still taken with the thrill of the potential that comes from new partnerships: “The first project together is like a first kiss.  You never know how it tastes until you separate the lips.”


Emu Pattern Seating1

Emu Pattern Seating

Spill on it. Stack it. Leave it out in the rain. This hexagonally embellished seat is made from a single piece of steel designed to effortlessly weather whatever elements your backyard has to offer.

Geo Low Table by Arik Levy

Geo Low Tables

An oldie, but goodie from Arik Levy, the Geo Low table is available in three sizes. Arrange an archipelago, or leave solo. We love that this design comes in a powder-coated aluminum version for outdoors, or a more classic wood finish for interiors.

level bookcase arik levy zanotta

Level Bookcase

Primary colors and black lines put Piet Mondrian into history and onto the grid. Arik Levy’s Level bookcase gives green a go and yellow the boot, though it still evokes the Dutch de Stijlist’s rigid compositions.

Lime green office toolbox


Levy's plastic carryall is extraordinarily versatile: It can keep tabs on live-work necessities, from notepads to sewing kits.