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Anki Spets

Anki Spets is the founder and principal designer of Area, a New York–based company that creates bedding and home accessories. The Swedish designer promotes a decidedly Scandinavian design aesthetic in her work, capturing beauty, simplicity, functionality, and modernity. Spets creates original designs that are characterized by a carefully chosen color palette and distinctive, one-of-a-kind patterns. In her designs, Anki Spets consistently focuses on providing a human touch to her work, while maintaining a refined design sensibility. 

EMILE by Area Home


The EMILE collection features charcoal, mineral, and crème 100% pure linen duvet covers, bagstyle pillowcases (sold in pairs), euro shams and french-back body pillow cases. Linen is cool, long lasting, lint free, and gets softer with every wash. Great for adding texture and layering for a luxurious bed.


Harry Blankets

It's difficult to browse through Area's online shop without pining to slip back into pajamas and crawl right into bed. Designer Anki Spets has created a beautiful collection of soft textiles—sheets, quilts, shams and more—with mimimal prints and simple textures, and a distinctly Scandinavian style. These 100% cotton Harry herringbone blankets come in four colors and are machine washable.