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Amy Adams

perch designs campy planter

Campy Planters

Spring hasn't quite yet sprung, so these cheerful ceramic Campy planters from Perch! are the perfect antidote to the soggy greys of winter. Put a succulent, small plant, or herbs in the ball and place the base somewhere in (our outside) the house that needs a bit of brightening up.

mason jars amy adams perch

Mason Jars

Better suited to a Traveling Wilbury’s tabletop than a pantry, this Mason jar won’t
preserve preserves, but as a bud vase, its shape suggests you “Handle With Care.”

Vessel Ivy by Amy Adams for Perch

Vessel: Ivy

Few things are better than a beautiful bouquet on one's birthday–or any day! This lovely vase, handmade by Brooklyn-based ceramics company Perch!, stands 11.5-inches tall with a 4-inch opening (and has a wider-stouter sister, the Vessel: Chloe, that measures 9-inches tall and 5-inches wide).