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Ali Tayar

Ali Tayar was born in Istanbul in 1959 and studied architecture at the University of Stuttgart and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In 1993, he formed Parallel Design Partnership, through which he designs and produces furniture and hardware. The pieces derive from the twin imperatives of structural behavior and the methods of mass-production.

Tayar's work ranges from objects and furniture to commercial interiors and architectural projects. Ongoing projects include a "net-zero" house in Austin, Texas, the interior of a high performance sailboat, a carbon fiber house in Switzerland, and a pre-fabricated interior system for a loft in SoHo. Tayar was a finalist for Cooper Hewitt's National Design Award in 2009.


Icon Wall System by Ali Tayar for Lerival made in Farmingdale, New Jersey.

Icon Wall System

Expert metal fabricators construct the modular Icon Wall System. One or more covers a process that includes laser cutting, precision bends (made using tools more common in military and automotive work), and finishing while another handles the final assembly. Each box in the system takes a little over an hour to complete, which means the southern New Jersey factory can make just six per day.