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Aino Aalto

Architect Aino Marsio met Alvar Aalto in 1924 while working for his office in Jyväskylä, Finland, and the two were soon off on an Italian honeymoon. With a visual artist and art historian they established Artek (art plus technology) in 1935 to produce their bent-wood furniture. Although her work largely went unaccredited, Aino is most famous for her colorful glassware, still in production by Iittala.


Aino Aalto Clear Bowl by Aino Aalto for Iittala

Aino Aalto Clear Bowl

This classic bowl will serve you—and your friends and family—well throughout the year. Its simple shape and elegent execution is ideal for filling with your favorite side, from potatoes to stuffing, then apples and oranges the rest of the time.