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  1. Point Zero Homes

    Point Zero Homes

    Point Zero is dedicated to building the next generation of homes that are more efficient, healthier and achieve a real sense of comfort. They are not just energy efficient, or simply green, they...


  2. Mitsuori Architects

    Mitsuori Architects is a design led practice founded by Melissa Lim & Matthew Murfett in Melbourne, Australia. Mitsuori literally means "threefold." To the firm, the number...


  3. Estes/Twombly Architects

    Estes/Twombly's work consists of simple, innovative designs with firm roots in the New England tradition. We approach programs and problems with the belief that the best solutions are logical...


  4. KANVA

    Composed of a collective of dynamic architects, KANVA is a young architectural firm whose work is at the forefront of thinking, imagining, drawing and constructing in Montreal and beyond. Their big...


  5. Gensler

    Gensler is a global design firm that partners with clients to create more livable cities, smarter workplaces and more engaging leisure destinations. Our 4,500 professionals networked across 46...


  6. Dwell Prefab

    Dwell Prefab

    Experience Prefab Construction: Design, Cost-Effectiveness, and Sustainability.Since 2005, Joel Turkel and Turkel Design have been Dwell’s lead architectural partners in creating...


  7. Deborah Berke Partners

    New York City-based Deborah Berke Partners creates buildings and spaces that are poised between background and foreground, where the presence of architecture is in a constant balance with the...


  8. General Assembly Design

    General Assembly Design

    Working in a variety of contexts, General Assembly specializes in custom residential and commercial projects. General Assembly's method is rooted in the search for unique and elegant design,...


  9. Selldorf Architects

    Selldorf Architects, located at Manhattan’s Union Square, has acquired an international reputation for work that is sensitive to context and program, thoughtful in execution, and timeless....


  10. Stepstone, Inc.

    Stepstone, Inc.

    Stepstone, Inc. is dedicated to working with architects, builders, and end users to create innovative, effective, and beautiful precast concrete solutions. Manufacturing handmade, wetcast precast...