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  1. KANVA

    Composed of a collective of dynamic architects, KANVA is a young architectural firm whose work is at the forefront of thinking, imagining, drawing and constructing in Montreal and beyond. Their big...


  2. Estes/Twombly Architects

    Estes/Twombly's work consists of simple, innovative designs with firm roots in the New England tradition. We approach programs and problems with the belief that the best solutions are logical...


  3. Roost Modern

    Roost Modern is an interior design firm based in Newport, Rhode Island.


  4. NArchitekTURA

    NArchitekTURA is a design and research group founded and led by Bartosz Haduch. The multidisciplinary office takes on various activities: from urban, landscape, architectural, interior, graphic or...


  5. Colorado Building Workshop

    Since 1991, the Department of Architecture’s Design Build Program has served the broader community by partnering with non-profit organizations on a variety of innovative projects. The program...


  6. Franson Wreland

    Franson Wreland is a full service Architectural and Design Firm offering design services for new and remodeled residences, public buildings, retail and commercial structures. Corner pillars in our...


  7. Instituto Lina Bo e Pietro Maria Bardi Collection

    The Instituto Lina Bo e P.M. Bardi's library is composed of rare works, resulting of the critical and daring outlook for Pietro Maria Bardi, gifts from friends and and contemporary publications...


  8. Vitra Design Museum

    The Vitra Design Museum numbers among the world’s leading museums of design. It is dedicated to the research and presentation of design, past and present, and examines design’s...


  9. MCA Chicago

    Located between Lake Michigan and the Magnificent Mile, the MCA champions the provocative side of contemporary art and culture. We aim to be an innovative and compelling center of contemporary...


  10. Charlie Lazor

    Charlie Lazor is an architect who specializes in the design and pre fabrication of dwellings. His design work begins with fabrication and involves delivery strategies that produce easy-to...