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  1. ZeroEnergy Design

    ZeroEnergy Design (ZED) is a full service modern green architecture and mechanical design firm. The firm works on new construction and major renovations of green home projects pursuing exceptional...


  2. Esque Studio

    Esque Studio is the result of a 20-year long collaboration between artists Andi Kovel and Justin Parker. The name Esque refers to the suffix meaning “in the manner of”, and is an...


  3. Designbythem

    Designbythem believes good design makes our lives more enjoyable and appreciative of our environment, design education is imperative to driving a more innovative and sustainable society, and good...


  4. Stilvoll

    Stilvoll is a German furniture-maker. 


  5. Blk Pine

    Blk Pine is a creative workshop based in Seattle with a desire to preserve the tradition of producing quality goods manufactured within the USA. Our products are rooted in classic silhouettes, but...


  6. Murken Hansen

    Murken Hansen

    Founded by Hauke Murken and Sven Hansen in Berlin in 1999, Murken Hansen is a design studio focused on designing objects that are simple, functional, and timeless. The studio has won several awards...


  7. Robertson Design

    Christopher Robertson, principal of Robertson Design, grew up in Houston and earned his Master of Architecture degree from the University of Texas at Austin. In 1998, he completed a residency in...


  8. Energy Innovation

    Energy Innovation is an energy and environmental firm in San Francisco, delivering high-quality research and original analysis to policymakers to inform them on energy policy.


  9. Peter Opsvik

    Peter Opsvik is a Norwegian furniture designer best known for his innovative and ergonomic chairs. Opsvik wrote a book called Rethinking Sitting (2009), offering his thoughts on...


  10. Nadia-Anne Ricketts

    Nadia-Anne Ricketts is a British textile designer who founded BeatWoven, a multi-award-winning digital textiles label. It was back in 2008 that Nadia-Anne discovered ...