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  1. Redesign


    Redesign is the design studio of Neven and Sanja Kovacic. Their active interest in various aspects of technology and society has resulted in a broad spectrum of projects: from recyclable...


  2. Michael Young

    Michael Young

    Michael Young (1966) is an industrial designer based in Hong Kong. He works in areas of product, furniture and interior design with studios in Hong Kong and Brussels.


  3. Zilio A&C

    Zilio A&C

    Based in the historic Manzano chair district, Italy, Zilio A&C is a family-run company that has been producing high quality wooden chairs and furnishings for over 60 years. Fusing traditional...


  4. Simon Kämpfer

    Simon Kämpfer

    Simon Kämpfer is a London-based product and interior designer. Originally from Switzerland, he studied ceramic design in Bern before obtaining his second degree at the Design Academy Eindhoven in...


  5. Steuart Padwick

    Steuart Padwick

    Steuart Padwick is an award winning British designer, specializing in furniture, lighting and product design.


  6. Industrial Facility

    Industrial Facility was formed in 2002 to explore the junction between industrial design and the world around us. The firm designs products, furniture, exhibitions, transportation and clothing. 


  7. Dencity

    Dencity believes in a strong collaborative effort with our client that includes: exploration and critical thinking, material research, contextual analysis, strong drawings, continuous pricing and...


  8. Jakob Jørgensen

    Jakob Jørgensen works mainly with wood and likes to explore possible new expressions in what is, mildly put, a well-tested material. Jakob Jørgensen carefully ponders the issues he addresses, and...


  9. Line Depping

    Line Depping’s work springs from considerations of function and use. It is crucial to see a good reason to create a new piece of furniture; an opportunity to add something to an object that...


  10. Christina Liljenberg Halstrøm

    With a Swedish mother and Danish father, Christina Liljenberg Halstrøm shows her Nordic roots in her furniture through a minimalistic approach and choice of materials, like wood, leather and wool....