1. il Fustino

    il Fustino

    il Fustino, which means "the tank" in Italian, is a purveytor of olive oil and vinegar based in Santa Barbara, California.  A fustino is a specialized, stainless steel container used to...


  2. Detroit Bicycle Company

    Detroit Bicycle Company

    Detroit Bicycle Company is a small bicycle manufaturing company that produces customized bicycles in six distinctive lines.  They manufacture their top of the line cycles with components from...


  3. Shinola


    Shinola is a Detroit-based manufacturer of watches, bicycles, leather goods and more. They started with the mission to build a modern and quintessentially American consumer products brand through...


  4. Jax and Bones

    Jax and Bones

    Established in 2002, Jax and Bones is committed to providing customers with the best selection in pet bedding and accessories. They use only the finest earth-friendly materials that because they...


  5. Lindal Cedar Homes

    Lindal Cedar Homes

    Founded in 1945, Lindal offers a predictable, flexible, and high-quality building system for crafting your dream home. Choose a standard floor plan, modify one of their popular classics, or design...


  6. Turkel Design

    Turkel Design

    Turkel is a small residential design practice created by Joel Turkel. The firm helps their clients to build thoughtfully-conceived homes that can be constructed within their budgets. They only do...


  7. Proto Homes

    Proto Homes

    Proto Homes™, LLC is a Los Angeles-based prefab company whose mission is to build and sell modern homes as products for a wider range of design-minded consumers. Proto Homes™  houses are...


  8. The New Clothesline Company

    The New Clothesline Company

    The New Clothesline Company is committed to producing environmentally friendly products that enhance consumer's lives. The company manufactures and markets the modern, stylish, and timeless LOFTi |...


  9. David Rasmussen Design

    David Rasmussen Design

    Raised and educated in New England, David was exposed to the Northeast’s rich culture of fine furniture making from a young age. Trained by furniture masters Wayne Marcoux and Dan Mosheim, David...