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  1. Linda and Harriett

    In 2006, husband and wife Liz & John Libre started Linda & Harriett as a stationery & custom design company, named after Liz's creative mother & great grandmother. Over the next...


  2. GRO Architects

    Since its formation in 2006, GRO Architects has executed a series of commissioned projects, competitions, and texts at a variety of scales.


  3. Sayigh + Duman

    Sayigh+Duman is a contemporary architectural, multi-disciplinary and cultural anlysis office first developed by Koray Duman in 2004 under Studio Ur+Nod. In 2009, Laith Sayigh joined the office as a...


  4. amProjects

    Mission amProjects LLC provides responsive and cohesive solutions to projects at any scale. Defining the Problem The key to an excellent solution is a thorough understanding of the problem. Throu...


  5. Linea Carta

    Diva Pyari grew up in the fashion industry in California, later living in the north of Italy, and all along practicing new forms of craft (painting, printing, jewelry-making, clothing design,...


  6. West Elm

    West Elm

    West Elm, founded in 2002, is based in Brooklyn, New York.  They are a retailer of contemporary homewares and furnishings.  They strive to design clean, simple things that are a pleasure...


  7. Zakka Nouveau

    Zakka Nouveau is a graphic and product design studio specializing in the realm of fait á la main (French for 'made by hand').


  8. Papaver Vert

    Patty Benson started Papaver Vert in 2007 making her small apartment shared with her husband into a small creative studio in Northern California. Based on form, function and bold color, Patty's ...


  9. Bird Mafia

    Bird Mafia is an indie vegan design collective based in California providing screenprinted clothing, housewares, and accessories constructed with organic, reused, and recycled materials, while...


  10. AMEICO


    AMEICO is a US distributor, importer, and curator of both twentieth century classics as well as more recent introductions by leading design brands such as Braun, Punkt, Santa & Cole, Produzione...