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10 Dwell Houses, In Their Own Words

Dwell's "My House" section has been an integral part of the magazine since it was founded in 2000. Homeowners get the opportunity to describe how their modern home works for them, and supplies words of wisdom on how to pursue a similar project.

LUCKY'S BREAK (Los Angeles, California)

"Overall, the limitations of our budget forced us to be creative. We spent $55,000 on the renovation. That’s taking everything into account, including the cabinets, all the appliances, fixtures, material, and labor. I would love for someone to read this story and think, If these people could do it, I can do it. It seems so clichéd, like some weight-loss commercial, but it’s true: It’s doable, if you have the desire." —Resident Lucky Diaz

Photo by João Canziani.

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